About us

Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (NSOTA) was founded in 2010. Its members are the leaders of the olympic teams in Astronomy, Biology, Informatics, Mathematics, Linguistics, Chemistry, Physics, and the team of Young Physicists.

The found members of the Association are well known scientits, veterans of the olympic tradition in Bulgaria, people with extremely valuable experince in the process of preparation, training and participating in international competitions. Alexey Hristov is the Chairman of LNSOTA's Board of directors.

The Association organizes trainings, laboratory activities, specialized preparations in the field of the relevant scientific disciplines, providing lectors, developing problems, publishing tasks and problems from previous competitions. Тhe Association was established at the initiative of America for Bulgaria Foundation. The Foundation has taken a long term commitment to support the Bulgarian national science teams in the process of organization, all year preaparation and participation in international competitions and olympiads. It also funds the specialized equipment for the Biology and Chemistry competitors' laboratories. The Foundation has invested around 4 million BGN in the Association's olympic teams for the time period 2010 - 2019. Investing in the olympic competitors is investing in the future of Bulgaria and its young talented children who are soon to be the engine of modern innovations, scientific achievments and the economic prosperity of our country.

Every year about 60 students take part in 15 different international competitions. During 2019, the Bulgarian national teams in science have won total 76 medals: 12 golden, 38 silver, 26 bronze and 3 honarable mentions. About 70 teachers stand behind these successes. 

From 1959-2019 the Bulgarian national teams have won 969 medals: 179 golden, 346 silver and 444 bronze. 

* Until 2017, the Association's name has been Leaders of the Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (LNSOTA)