Informatics team

The International Informatics Olympiad has been initiated by Bulgaria and its very first edititon took place in Pravetz, Bulgaria, in 1989. Nowadays the Olympiad includes participants from over 80 countries in the world. Leader of the national team is chief assistant Emil Kelevedzhiev.

The all-time statistics of the international competition shows that Bulgaria takes the fifth place in the world with its won 104 medals: 26 golden, 41 silver and 37 bronze ones.

In the all time ranking list, Hristo Venev  takes the second place - with his 5 participations in IOI, 4 golden and 1 silver medal. The Bulgarian competitor Rumen Hristov takes the fifth place in the world's ranking list, thanks to his 3 golden and 2 silver medals that he has won in 5 consecutive Olympiads.

LNSOTA supports the participation of the team in the following prestigious international competititons as well:
• Balkan Informatics Olympiad (BOI)
• Junior Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (JBOI)